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Monday, February 07, 2011

127 Texts

Tonight I counted the texts I received from church family, actual family, cherished friends and brothers in ministry.  There were 127 of them.  127 people letting me know that they are praying for us.  If you are not up to speed on our precious baby 2, check my wife's latest post about it.  Click on the link to the right.

That has all the info you need.  My wife is a strong person.  She has grown so much since the last bad report at an ultra-sound.  And in the grand scheme, we know that God has a pretty special purpose for Baby Smith 2.  How can that not be the case?  We have 127 confirmations letting us know that they are lifting this up to the Father.  I am praying Psalm 127:3-5 and Isaiah 41:10 for my family.  If you pray, pray those verses for us as well.  And thanks for the 127 texts.  People let me know their stories.  Some let me know that they were carrying this with us.  Some let me know that they were there when needed.  Some just wanted to touch base and make sure all is well.  One even offered to let me scream, yell or cuss.

127 is a lot.  It sure consumed a lot of iPhone battery.  It is a bit humbling to have that many different touches from people.  That meant that not only were they affected enough to stop whatever they were doing, they even offered up at least one prayer for us.  Some committed to pray more fervently and consistently.  And then they went so far as to actually let me know that they were praying.  127 people took at least one minute for me and my family today.  At least two hours of prayer of intercession went up on our behalf.  All I can say is thanks. 

I will wind down here.  But I will say this.  I completely stole some advice that was intended for someone else about two years ago.  I have two friends named Mike.  The older Mike told the younger Mike (both are youth pastors) that he was a minister doing ministry before his kids were born.  And now his kids are grown and out of the house and he is a minister doing ministry now too.  But when he had kids, that was his only shot to raise them right.  That was his priority.  He wasn't going to be a great minister and a mediocre father.  Now, substitute your job in the place of the words "minister doing ministry."  You and I have one shot at raising our kids.  That has to be our most noble calling.  Not to the detriment of everything and everyone else.  But be your best for your kids.  Be very present.

I hope your kids get 127 minutes of thoughts and prayers and time each day.  I am going to make that the goal for mine while they are my blessings.  127 minutes.  A nudge over two hours.  That isn't even as long as one of those fantasy movies that Christians love to claim as parables of faith, redemption and salvation.  Am I giving my children 127 minutes?  Am I trying?

I hope and pray that you continue to hope and pray with us.  Danielle and Baby J and Baby 2 and I truly covet your prayers.  Please give us another minute of your day each day for a while.  That is all we ask.  That is all we need.  If you beseech the heavenly Father for us daily, that is greater than any other gift you could ever send us.  And if you give 127 minutes to your kids?  Double bonus.  We love you and thank you.


Blogger Steven Stark said...

OK, now I am feeling guilty about reading your blog while Seve is watching Peter Pan in the other room...

but seriously, you all are in my thoughts. I wish you the very, very best.

One day at a time....

12:19 PM

Blogger The Breedings said...

Thank you for that. It's so much more encouraging to hear it from someone else even though you know it in your heart. It's so easy to ask Anna to wait a few minutes since I work from home~ but in all actuality: I work from home. Therefore, my work can wait a few minutes when she comes in requesting of my time.
Thank you for that reminder

11:35 AM


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