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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Too Fat to Facebook! Part 1

"When it's time to change, then it's time to change." - The Brady Bunch

Real change happens when you make preparations in your life, adjustments for what is about to come.  You simply cannot make wholesale change if you don't prepare for it at all.

So that is what I am doing.  I made a seven point decision, all changes I must make if I am to be a healthy, happy husband, father, friend and youth pastor.  These aren't resolutions because most of them have been swimming around in my head for a few months.  However I am resolved.  Some have been real wrestling matches. But I have settled on the following seven changes:

1. Going to lose well over 50 lbs by the birth of our second child.
2. Going to memorize one verse a week. Trying to memorize two chapters of scripture this year.
3. Going to pray for five requests a day.
4. Going to walk with Jackson and Danielle more.
5. Going to be a better youth minister by being on campus more, preparing more and preparing better.
6. Going to build more significant relationships with parents in our student ministry.
7. Going to try to develop a new model of doing Wednesday night programming to help the next generation lead out in the kingdom

Most of this can be accomplished by better utilizing existing allotted time for each area.  The hitch is the losing weight.  I need to find time again for that.  To make room for it, I am dumping facebook.  I spend about an hour throughout the day that I should be using for working out in the gym.  When I lose 100 I will rejoin whatever is left of the Facebook world.  Understand this is not an overtly spiritual decision.  I am not leaving history's largest social networking site because God told me to or I am convicted because of all the negative posts or I am disappointed by all the cuss words on teenager's pages.  I am simply too fat to Facebook.  I wish it was more holy or spiritual.  But long ago I gave up blaming God for all of the decisions I had to make to get back on track and outta my selfishness.  If God was REALLY telling me not to do something, I wouldn't have started it in the first place.

No I am too fat to Facebook.  Too nectarine-shaped to network.  I have too much status to update.

Pray for me if you think about it.  Or think happy, slimming, commitment-based thoughts.  Or tell the little purple people eaters you sacrifice your raw spaghetti noodles to to throw me a bone.  Even though Jesus has my back totally on this, I like it if you think you are involved too.  So lob your crazy, wackadoo religiosities my way.  Hopefully by the end of the summer, I won't be too fat to Facebook any more.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

look on facebook one last time

10:13 PM

Blogger Tony Peterman said...

Hey Man, I will be praying for you. I know you can make your weight goal, I saw you become half the man you were physicaly here.

2:58 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

As I read your last status, I came here to see the story. You can do it---I just got up at 5AM to do my "Insanity" (of P90X fame) workout and get ready for work. I too am trying to spend less time on Facebook and more with my family and of course trying to get back in shape. Wish you well my friend and stay away from those Fat and Skinnies sandwiches! Virginia

5:07 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can do it!!! You will be in our prayers daily. Can't wait to see your transformation.-Christy

7:41 AM

Blogger Julie Morgan said...

How is it going so far?? Looking forward to your next post :)

7:18 PM


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