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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

In The Words of Bono

It's a beautiful day. Why? Because two years ago I wrote this about Valentine's Day.

"What a day. I called mom. Wished her a happy v-day. Today I am being reminded that somewhere, someway, somehow I will meet "the one."

But today something strange happened. Many of my married friends are rushing around trying to find some last minute V-Day present. You know, that little something that means and says so much to someone who means the world to them. And they have an hour lunch break to find it. At Wal Mart. Then I tell them that I called my mom and that phone call in itself satisfied all of my V-Day obligations. And the jealousy they had towards me was palpable.

What a lovely echo of God's grace. On a day that has been a sore spot for singleness in the past, God turned the tables on me. Now people envy me on Valentine's Day."

That was February of 2006. Now that it's February of 2008, I have a little different perspective. I have met the one. Danielle is simply the best and greatest person I know. How do I know this? Because nobody makes me feel as warm, loved, and cared for like she does. Nobody makes me as happy as she makes me. And nobody occupies my thoughts more than she does. Another reason I am convinced that there can be nobody better for me: nobody frustrates me like her. That must be love.

I have had girlfriends in the past. None of them challenged me to actually be a better person. None of them nudged me so consistently towards maturity like she does. I certainly didn't need a doormat that I could walk over and lord over for the rest of my life. God knew exactly what I needed.

When I proposed to her, she was so transfixed on the ring and its shiny-ness, that she probably missed what I said to her. Plus she MAY have been overwhelmed by the moment. For you and for her, here is what I said:
"Danielle, I never thought God would grant me the grace to love someone more than I love myself. But he has given me you. I love you with all of my heart."

It was true on November 9th. It is still true on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2008. And it will be true until Moses is my small group leader. I always prayed that God would overlook my failings and sort of blindly bless me in this department. He has. I am and will always be truly grateful.

Now if we could just stop having every conversation dovetail into baby names...

Monday, February 04, 2008

Honey Do This and Jehovah's Witnesses

I had the extreme fortune to share my house with my future in-laws, future wife and future pet. That meant I got to freeze my hoo-ha off on an air mattress while my bride-to-be and her mom shared my big, comfy, warm king sized dreamworld. And her dad was in another room on an apparently warmer air mattress (note to self: next time, her dad gets the mattress I was on).

We ran some errands, painted a lot, cleaned a little and enjoyed each other's company. Except at night. I would try to sleep and Danielle and her mom would come in and lay on my bed and talk and bother me, keeping me from the fitful slumber necessary for me to function. How rude! And then she would just look at me while I slept, all creepy like, from outside the room!

And then, on Saturday, I got the knock on the door. I knew exactly who it was. An elderly couple, dressed to the nines on Saturday afternoon with magazines in hand. As soon as I noticed it was an elderly couple, I knew it was a pair of JW's right there on my front porch! The Mormons are usually young and male. And they have to prop their bikes against my mailbox. So I knew it wasn't them.

No, these were real life JWs. I hardly ever get to see them. I have moved a few times in Hot Springs, each time getting one, single, solitary visit from them. They never make a return. I don't know if it is because they feel my 'hood has been covered or if I am on some secret JW "Don't Knock Twice" list. I would like to think that I am!

Basically, they opened their conversation asking me about crime in the neighborhood. Having just moved there, I wasn't really aware. I do feel safe. They seemed stunned. Apparently, there are some chocolate chips in the neighborhood cookie dough which MUST mean crime is rampant and everything is going down the dumper.

They asked me about what I would do if crime actually effected me. I was waiting and waiting for THAT moment! You see, if you wait long enough, most JWs get around to the prophecy of Psalm 31 (some psalm in the 30's) and how the Bible prophesied all the crime and trouble in the world. And they have the answer to make all of yourproblems go away. We then talked about what maybe David might have been writing in that Psalm, and the possibility he might have been upset at his enemies and asking God to punish them and exalt him.

We also talked about Jesus promising us trouble in John 16:33. And Paul encouraging us to pray all the time and the peace of God that transcends all understanding in Philippians 4:7 guarding us and sustaining us if something bad were to happen. Then we talked about James telling us that trouble brings joy because it sharpens us and gives us hope. Hope in God doesn't fail.

Then I asked them what would we need Jesus for if everything was perfect, spotless and sinless? If everything was exactly like we wanted it to be, why would we need Jesus? We need Jesus because of our fallen world, our brokenness. We need the peace, purity and forgiveness to contrast the turmoil, filth and pain. They left shortly after our convo, leaving me their great mags. They probly had to hurry back and add my home to the "Don't Knock Twice" list.

I should have let that menacing four pound yorkie attack.