I have six months to reshape my life. I can do this.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Crazy, Man, Crazy

I have had an interesting week. Things are really busy right now at the work place. I am in the midst of a stretch filled with two disciple nows in Oklahoma, one Freedom Weekend here, a trip to Chicago, coaching my 3rd and 4th grade boys basketball team for Upward Basketball, bible study preps, teaching each week on Mondays and Wednesdays, preaching on a Sunday night...

Sometimes things get going so fast, I really have to force myself to practice the discipline of stillness. Today that is what I am doing. Practicing that discipline as I spend time with the Father. I need to just be still. Not rest. Just clear my mind of seventeen things that are swimming around relentlessly. And I need some people to stay the heck out of my office and stop showing me samples of paint, colors for carpet, curriculum and basically stop telling me the same stories. Ugh.

Well, diet news. Dropped five pounds since last weigh in. That brings the grand total up to 76 pounds. I have lost 76 pounds and here is what everyone says: "You can really see it in your face and neck." Apparently I was walking around with a big weeble wobble head. I never knew this. I thought I was fat all over. Maybe I am losing weight from the top down. Start with the head and move south. Most people brag about dropping inches on their waist line when they diet. I guess I should be bragging on my shrinking hat size. Before you know it, I will be wearing a visor without being so self-conscious. Oh the day when I can wear a normal size bandana or a do-rag. Before I had to fold up a beach towel seventeen times. Now a normal "kerchief" sized piece of cloth may just do the trick. Now I can shop for head wear outside of the table cloth section. You can really tell in my face and neck. Maybe the fact that you can actually see a difference between the two helps. I guess I used to be some Jabba-like creature, where the head and neck were just one mass of flesh. That explains the hate from the wookies in church.

Total weight loss: 76 pounds and at least three hat sizes.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Get It Like You Like It

Well, another week. Another battle. More working out. Still eating less. I have weighed in 13 times now. 12 out of those thirteen I have lost weight. I feel great. I am sure I look better.

Two days ago I dug around in my closet, trying on clothes I literally have not worn in years. It was pretty exciting. Also a bit sad. Many of the clothes were bought at the height of other fashion trends. Luckily some of them are still nice. But some of them...whoa...

I lost another four pounds since the last weigh in bringing the grand total to a whopping 71 pounds. I am now at the same weight I was when I moved to Hot Springs about seven years ago. The next official weight loss goal is 16 pounds away. I am hoping that within a month's time I can hit that goal as well. And I am about halfway to the fourth weight loss goal (another 51 pounds) which is what I weighed my senior year in college.

In other news, as the weight drops, I feel a lot more confidence in myself. I feel like I can teach with more authority. I feel more at ease around friends I have not seen in years. And I even feel more comfortable with myself around the ladies.

In other news: I am a documentary freak. It is one of the blessings of God that I live in Hot Springs because they have a great documentary film festival each year where we get to see some of the great docs out there. One of the greatest series of documentaries is Michael Apted's Up Series. It follows 14 British people over the span of their lives beginning with them as 7 year olds in 1963 and continuing with a new film updating them each seven years. About two years ago they finished 49 Up. These seven movies are the most interesting studies I have ever seen. You can totally see glimpses of the adults to come in the seven year olds. And you can still see the spark of the seven year olds in the adults. It is just amazing.

Also, 24 season six: to sum it up - Jack is back. He doesn't want to be back. But that doesn't stop him from biting one man's throat, shooting another man in the throat and choking and torturing a family member. This is FAR AND AWAY the best drama series on TV today. 24, Heroes and The Office and Rob and Big are the best shows on tv now.

I miss Arrested Development. Where else can you hear a line like this: "It's an illusion Michael. Tricks are something that whores do for money." Awesome.

So to sum up: 24 just killer stuff.
Up Series worth at least a rental, provided you start in order at 7 Up.
Rob and Big do work.
Heroes is starting to come together.
The Office is just so funny.
Craig misses Arrested Development.
Lost 71 pounds so far.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I am now looking seriously at some significant numbers as far as weight loss is concerned. I am still 20 or so pounds away from the third goal weight. But I am seven pounds away from losing 75 pounds. I am also five pounds away from being the lightest I have been since I moved to Arkansas almost six and a half years ago.

So that gives me motivation. I am also trying hard to hit the third goal weight by our big event coming up in March called Freedom Weekend. If I can work it hard enough I might be able to drop a smooth one hundred pounds since last Freedom Weekend. That is amazing! I am so pumped and excited about the prospect of people who have not seen me in a year being totally amazed at the weight loss.

So, after today's weigh in (the twelfth weigh in) I lost another five pounds bringing the total to 67 pounds. The weight is literally melting off of my face and neck. I can now fit into clothes I have not worn in over five years. That is exciting.

It is a good week.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Do Yourself a Favor

Robert Randolph and the Family Band are one of my top five fave music acts (Los Beatles, The Genius Ray Charles, RR&TF, Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, Big Smith). They released a new album last October (available on iTunes with a bonus jam song). Amazing. They are still the best of funk, soul, gospel fusion, blues edge band out there. And they absolutely rock live in concert. In fact, they will be at Cain's and George's Majestic in February. Check them out if you like something that sounds like a mixture of Parliament, Stevie Wonder, Clapton, classic Rick James, Lennie Kravitz, Sly Stone and old fashioned gospel funk. I highly recommend the songs "Thrill of it" and "Ain't Nothing Wrong with That."

Lost another few pounds bringing the grand total all the way to 62 pounds. There are some significant weight loss goals (not one of the five biggies) on the horizon soon. When I drop another ten pounds it will the be the lightest I have been since I moved to Arkansas. That is almost seven years ago. So that is pretty significant.

Keep me in your prayers. And pray for Jack Bauer too. Another long day in store for him.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Slowing

So, before Christmas (and a two week vacation) I was really dropping weight. Then I decided that over the break I would enjoy food with my friends and family. I didn't lose or gain any weight. So, tomorrow is a new weigh in and I am hoping to be about three pounds lighter. I am now starting to look towards the next weight loss goal, which is thirty pounds away. Keep praying for me.

In the last few days I have been surprised to be contacted by two high school friends. One was a phone call. The other was a surprise visit at my office. In the past few months I have had more contact with my hometown friends than I have had in the past six years. Who knew. I am beginning to wonder if this was a happy treat and blessing from God or if there is more behind it. God works in the number three in my life. Everything seems to come and happen in threes. A few months ago at a restaurant in Tulsa, I saw my high school sunday school teacher for two years. So with these three connections, I have to really start connecting with what God is telling me and try to see how my hometown ties into it or flavors what God is up to.

In other news, Florida is crazy good. They absolutely undressed Ohio State. It makes me positive that a four game playoff system is a must. If USC does not lose to UCLA than the Trojans are playing OSU for the title. And clearly, Florida played like the best team in the nation last night. USC, Florida, OSU, LSU, Boise State should have all been in the hunt for a national title. Today we all feel the power of the Gator Chomp!

So, to sum up: holding steady at being down 57 pounds since the start of the diet. Been holding steady at that weight for about three weeks though. Need something to happen soon.