I have six months to reshape my life. I can do this.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Making a Move: When it Started

So a few weeks back I said I would post about how we got to Newcastle, Oklahoma from Hot Springs, Arkansas.

Well, it is not a short story. It actually starts over two years ago, well before I began dating Danielle.

I finally decided to buy a scale to weigh myself. I knew I was obscenely overweight. But I had never really known how bad it was because I didn't have the number. So, I bought a scale. I took it home. I weighed more than the scale would weigh. It was devastating. Seriously, I just sat there and almost cried. I had never felt like such a failure in anything. Ever since my dad died of a heart attack, I was sort of scared straight. Well, in July of 2006, I had to return the scale for one that had 50 more pounds added to the weight limit. I needed almost all 50. That was sobering.

I met with a counselor for a couple of sessions to figure out why in the world I was eating so much. We figured it out. Then I met with a doctor and we developed a diet plan. Then in November it started. As I was journaling through October I really felt that God was making a covenant with me.

Basically, if I lost the weight, He promised me three things:
1. A renewed life and job.
2. A wife.
3. A new job to go start over, to start fresh.

A full year later, in December of 2007, God reminded me harshly about the promise I was ignoring. It was easy to stay where I was. But he clearly reminded me that He had kept his first two promises. And He would be faithful to keep the third.

So, around December, I started thinking, well maybe God would move me. Or maybe he would move US when we got married. But I thought we were looking at 2010 or 2011.

But his timing was a bit different. And he was clearly speeding the process up. He wanted us to move and move quickly. And we are blessed by that.

Coming Soon: The specific verses God used to move me. And later, besides the lame, age-old "God made me move," what else figured into the move.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

SYATP Part Dos

Today started at 4:30 in the AM. It should end around 10 in the PM. Yes, fair traveler, it is SYATP day. I blogged about the history of this a year ago, here.

So, now I drag onto the finish line. And the kids should be collapsing now that their Krispy Kreme-induced sugar high has worn off.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Something New

Well, we have made the move. We left eight years of ministry in Hot Springs AR and moved to a similar position in Newcastle OK. Over the course of the next week or so, I will sort of go through the process that led us to a new place of ministry.

For starters: The process is always impressive. For me, it is a process God started well over two years ago. He began preparing me for the new move back then. And as I look back and see how I improved or grew, how I stumbled and regressed, I can now see God reshaping me into something altogether new.

So, hang on over the next week or so and I will post in two or three new posts and give the scripture behind the move, the promises of God I decided to cling to, the wrestling match God and I had over moving and also the benefits of a move that God put us through. Also, I will share the confirmations that I asked for and some I didn't.

If you or someone you know is in this process, hopefully this will be helpful.

Plus, I think my wife is ready for me to post SOMETHING new.